Teen Twin Mattress

For those older children and teenagers who need a grown up mattress with the benefits of something that can handle drink spillages and biscuit crumbs, we've come up with the Spring Teen mattress.


With a bouncier feel to the Natural Teen mattress, it's made with a spring unit at its core, topped with a layer of soft organic lambswool and finally encased in breathable cotton. Perfect.


- Hand nested springs in cotton pockets

- Cotton mix

- Organic lambswool top layer

- 5 year guarantee

- Complies with all standards (BS7177 & BS 5852 Crib 5)

- Depth 17cm


    With a core of organic coir (coconut fibre), this is the most breathable of our twin mats and offers firm support. Layers of organic coir, organic lambswool and a soft natural cotton cover make this a seriously comfy mattress.