Natural Mat mattresses are all...

  • entirely organic and breathable

  • non-allergenic and anti dust-mite

  • naturally non-flammable without the use of chemicals or unnatural treatments

  • long lasting with superior support

  • handmade in Devon, England


 ...a primary source of toxic chemicals in the environment of a child during its first few years of life is the mattress and bedding, as infants spend 10-14 hours a day sleeping and playing in their crib


Information provided by - Five Problems with Crib Mattresses by Barry Cik, PE, CP, BCEE, QEP, REM, CHMM, Chief Engineer, G.E.M. Testing and Engineering Labs


The article below is by a man named Dr. Mercola. He is a very intelligent and forward thinking doctor/detective! I do not read all of his articles but found this one regarding the chemicals in conventional crib mattresses and SIDS very interesting. I also highly recommend subscribing to his blog as he will keep you up to speed on so many new and interesting

health-related topics to help you keep you up on the latest and greatest health scoop.